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Inside Family of God Ministries - Goals Updated 10-25-2019

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

UPDATE: October 25, 2019

Last update - June 2019. In 4 months Lord has brought the desert to life!!!

Family of God Ministries is actively raising up honest, integrous Jesus Loving rough riding young leaders. We are living and working as family. It is all possible through loving unconditionally and stepping into the revelations given by Holy Spirit.

Family of God Ministries firmly believes in co-creating with Christ. We actively follow the promptings the Heart God shows as He is birthing something wonderful and new.

The Life Center Now OPENED "Prayer and Worship Room."

Sunday Services & Thursday Kids Groups Growth is happening faster than we can keep up with.

Thursdays Kids have gone from 6-12 in attendance to more than 30 in just a 4 short weeks. At the end of each service time we are now giving bread to each one that attends. Family of God is well aware of the starvation and malnutrition situations that are affecting everyone we are serving and all those around us.

Each of the children is learning value and to care. As each child is given the "Pao" Family of God is honored to watch as most of the children take the bread and give part or more to a sibling or a grandmother or someone they care about to help ease the others hunger.

Family of God Ministries understands that most likely this small loaf of bread (about half the size of a french bread loaf) called "Pao" is, in most cases, the only thing he/she will eat that day and perhaps longer.

Starvation is a deep struggle here. This is the primary reason why childhood disease and death rates are so high. One out of every four children will not live to see their 4th birthday.

Sunday services continue to grow faster than we can count. At last count (more than 4 weeks ago) just adults has climbed to over 60 and continue to grow.

Baptism Services 

Family of God is preparing to have our first baptism service. This service will be for our leadership team. As we embrace the revelations this is one of the places Holy Spirit has shown. The service with be Thanksgiving Day. This is our way of giving thanks to God for all He is doing. This time comes as our "Young Rough and Ready Leaders" are developing personal relationships with Jesus. They have been studying and learning about what baptism represents as well as what it means to the individual relationship with Christ.

Life Center Dedication

During our Baptism Celebration time we will be dedicating the Life Center to God as well as Anointing the Prayer Room. We will buy a small pig in preparation. This will be a huge celebration as we partner with God. The entire community is coming to celebrate with us. We are expecting more than 200 to attend from all around the area, as well as, many Government Officials and Representatives.

January 2020

As we prepare our team, we are also educating the community. We will have the Community Baptism Services in Jan. 2020. Lords heart for the lost is bringing the people in amazing ways. He is birthing hope in a place that has only known death and destruction.


Project - Plant and Sow 

Double in size (about 30,000 sq ft) almost 3/4 acre.

Hydroponics - June 15, 2019 Family of God began receiving revelations about hydroponic farming from the Lord. We tested the Lord and found quickly He was laying out things we could have never before imagined!. We stepped into the things he was revealing. Now in just a 90 day period, we are utilizing more than 250 recycled 5 liter containers in the hydroponic gardens. The growth time of our spinach and lettuces are being more than cut in-half. Lord is showing us how to make liquid fertilizers, improvise and make our own plant growing pods and so much more. We can plant a seedling in a container and it is at maturity in 4-5 weeks. It is truly awe inspiring.

Lord is continuing to give many revelations in all areas, Hydroponic Farming is just one.

Cardboard Dirt Gardens - Lord is now giving revelations about recycling and utilizing cardboard in our dirt gardens.

Mozambique is a hot desert place. It has only ever been endured and somehow survived. After 9 years of sever drought sand blows freely. Until now survival and death is all that has ever been grown.

But God...

As Family of God is being birthed in this place by the very Heart of God we are aware when God gives there is much responsibility required.

At Family of God we take "stewardship" very seriously. As Lord has been giving so much we understand that we are to care well for each thing He gives. In this desert place we have clean clear water flowing freely from our "Well Project." Water is necessary for life. This was one of the first and perhaps most profound gifts Lord has given yet.

We must steward it well!! Stepping forward into the revelations as Holy Spirit reveals them is how we are to set the example for those around us. He does His Part and we do our part. He calls this Co-Creating. Family of God is teaming up with Holy Spirit and with active faith stepping into each revelation given. The results are proving to be far more profound than we can even think or imagine!

Oct 15, 2019 - Holy Spirit is now giving further instruction about how we can better steward the water Lord has given. Expanding the dirt gardens is now possible through the revelations of introducing recycled cardboard into the soil. By doing so this process will provide water retention and serve to slow drastically the water use needed for plant life. It should also provide much root stability, and nutrient enrichment for the sand. As an added benefit it will also help the environment and serve as one more way to help create ways to recycle and care for God's precious earth.  

God is just so amazing!! 

Along with the cardboard we have introduced shade cloth to help reduce the number of daily watering from 3 to 2.


Damau Update

September 4, 2019 one of our young leaders fell more than a 30 feet to the ground. He landed on his left side breaking his left arm, shoulder, and femur in a compound fracture. Head trauma and spinal injuries were suspected. He was critical.

But God...

His life and healing is undeniably miraculous! After more than a 30 ft fall God truly is raising him from death to life abundant!!!

No brain damages! Internal bleeding and spinal trauma laid low. No longer is his life at risk of infections from the open wounds in his leg and ribs. The contaminated bones were shaved off and debris removal from within the wounds has been nothing short of God declaring and breathing life. There are no other life threatening issues! In a country without value for life Damau would have been left for dead. The people are watching first hand as God is revealing Himself as the one that gives life!

After only 2 weeks the Dr.s took his arm casts off..! X-rays revealed the 4 places that had held broken bones in his arm and shoulder are no longer broken!! The Dr.s had to proclaim them healed as well.

As those around us are not able to comprehend what is happening, Family of God breaks-out in PRAISE!

Was this the way when Christ walked through a village? Was this the love that He carried as He challenged the pharisees and went around healing people?

This simply cannot be explained away, the only possible explanation of what is happening is...


Oct 1, 2019 - 4 weeks after the fall.

Damau is no longer bed ridden! He still has the casts and braces on his leg and yes needs to continue to regain strength and stamina, but he is now moving about and once again supervising and managing "Project Plant and Sow." He is able to utilize the arm brace crutches to take steps and help care for himself. He is carried out to the project site daily and manages well the calendars and schedules needed to maintain the rotations of new plantings, new gardens and crop management.

Family of God is being watched closely by the community and the Government as we are used by God and continue to bring value and life into reality. As a direct result of Damau's accident we immediately altered and adapted his job description to embrace the new challenges. This is again something that is just not done. The worker has no value so he is cast out and another is brought in to replace him.

This situation presented a perfect opportunity to show the love of Christ. Not only do we love and care for Damau, but we embrace the challenges. This allowed Family of God to bring in a new young man.

Meet Tomas. We are so blessed to bring him to live with us and become part of God's Family. He is very dedicated to learning and growing as he is embracing us and overwhelmed by love he has never experienced before.

Yes, Damau is being miraculously healed by the Hand of God, but more than that, his heart is soaring with Jesus!!!

In another month we will take Damau back to Maputo to see about removing the metal plates the Dr.s set into place to allow the femur to try and mend. But as we watch all that God is doing, we are expecting nothing less than full and complete healing! The Dr.s specified that it would take at least 6 months before the metal can be removed. Family of God believes so strongly in the leading of Holy Spirit that we will not wait the expected minimum 6 months. We will take the steps as Lord lays them out before us


Please join us in prayer. 

First - The Lords covering and leading for all things great and small.

Purchase - The much needed 10,000 liter Water Tank.  approx $1,500 US dollars

Brick Wall - 150 bags Cement, 450 - 12 ft rebar, 1 dump truck stones and other building supplies to build the front of the  "Brick Wall" around the land.

The Law states we must have a wall to provide protection and safety for the people,

even in the bush.

Because Family of God Ministries is representing Christ and we are the only NGO around we must set the bar and be the example. The front of the wall will be 50 meters/165 feet long, and about 2.5 meters/8.5 feet tall. Just the front of the wall is about 5,000 bricks. We have already hand forged 4,000 specifically for this purpose.There is much to accomplish and time is growing short. We have been given a time line to follow by the Government. We have 2 months to begin construction. PRIOR TO DEC. 1, 2019 we must begin construction of the wall. Your generosity of donations would enable us to keep to their schedule.

Return to MOZAMBIQUE - March 15, 2020 is the GOAL!

Michelle is praying and preparing to return to Manhica, but as part of that preparation there must be ongoing support established prior to leaving. Round Trip flight is currently $1,500.

Current Project Expenses average 2,500 monthly. To continue the climb as the levels of growth increase the average will increase by approx. 15-25%. Family of God projects are producing much spiritual fruit and salvations are on the increase. The foundational and infrastructural pieces are being put into place, now we seek and need your dedicated support.

Construction 2020 - We are scheduled to begin the construction of "School of Languages Building" specializing in English and Portuguese. The bush communities only speak Changona, a tribal language. For a future outside of the bush areas, there must be child and adult education in languages. 

Land Purchase -  $1,800. The Local Government has generously offered Family of God Ministries an amazing opportunity to purchase an additional hector of adjoining land. This in itself is miraculous as last year when we purchased the Family of God Land. In Moz. and many other countries, the Government considers itself the owner of all land. It is unprecedented for the Government to allow a foreign operated NGO to purchase land and then to follow it up with an offer to purchase additional parcels.

Only GOD!!!

100 Bibles - Changona (the tribal language) bibles for adults and children are desperately needed. Those that can read will help spread the word of God's love as they read the stories to others and understanding continue to grow.

Children's educational materials

Chicken Farming

Fish Farming - This is a new revelation Holy Spirit is laying out. We are actively praying into it. More on the next update.

Financial Stability and Support

Please Pray for Individuals led to not only give financially, but that Holy Spirit leads them to be dedicated in seeking God first and all that He will grow through them.

We are looking for those that long to join Holy Spirit in Co-Creating.

Family of God Ministries has completely outgrown our financial reserves. What the Lord began through Michelle has now grown far beyond ones personal financial capacities to carry. The Lord has sent a few completely dedicated individuals over the past 3 years, but now is the time to press-in.

It is completely humbling to see what God can birth through one person willing to say, Yes Lord, here I am, use me.

BUT... Think of what He can do with an


We are not designed to walk alone. God is always about Creating and wants to Co-create beside us and through us. We are His Children and Family. Come walk with us as we reveal Christ in all our ways.

Also, please Visit the New Website.

Much needed revisions and updates are now complete.


Please follow the Link at the bottom of this page.

I pray you follow the promptings Holy Spirit places on your heart. True discipleship begins in the heart, choose to believe and step in as miracles happen! 


Blog Portion - June 2019

Family of God Ministries is actively raising up honest and integrous young leaders. We are living and working within the Country of Mozambique. We have begun by loving unconditionally.

We are building training and worship programs to step out of survival. In 2017 - 2018, Family of God, purchased land, drilled a well, began farming and animal care, forged a brick yard and built a foundational infrastructures ie: septic tanks, sanitation, shower and toilet areas. Currently under construction is the Family of God "Life Center" which includes housing and sleeping facilities for our leadership teams (space for 15-20 individuals,) fellowship, training and worship center, store front and so much more.

In addition to active farming and construction projects, we are embracing our neighbors in the bush and the surrounding village of Manhica. Arufa, our Women's Leader is lovingly, introducing a new way of parenting. The ladies that come during the week, have been hit the hardest by the devastation, hopelessness, severe levels of poverty that HIV leaves in it's wake. Arufa is embracing these ladies as sisters. She is allowing them freedom to inquire, investing time and building relationship. In turn they are finding that the ways of Christ are very different from the teachings of witchcraft and spiritis (ancestor worship.) They are learning that love is strong and courageous, in the face of fear, just as they are courageous, in a whole new way.

The power HIV has had through fear and death is loosing it's grip, one life at a time. The true power to raise a nation is coming through the love of Jesus Christ.

Together we are learning how to grow in Christ and love our neighbors. Through this process we are developing leaders and disciples that have a passion for Christ. In turn we understand the importance of growing more disciples, not through religion and rules, but from through the ways we live and love.

Gal 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against these, there is no law.

Am I my Brother's Keeper....? Oh, YES I AM...!

The Goal: Family of God's love, is ACTION. We give to others, what we are receiving from Christ. We are walking beside others and building up the broken and the lost within our communities and our churches.

We reveal the Love of Christ in Word, Action and Deed. We eat together, worship together and work side-by-side, one with another, learning and growing through hard work and the Spirit of God, to raise up our youth and young adults to become the Family and Community Leaders, we need for all our tomorrows.

In these unique ways, Family of God Ministries, is forming bonds together that will forge a brighter future.

Please Join us Today, as Family of God, brings real change for all our tomorrows...

To make a donation, please visit our Donation Page.

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