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Gods Great Adventure

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Over the past days and weeks Lord has been revealing His defining of life and life abundant. Satan comes to steal, to destroy, and to kill. But GOD not only restores and repays He gives life. He formed us, He created us and He loves us unconditionally. He sees not our skin color, He sees not our place of residence, He only sees us, His children. Whether or not we know Him, He knows each of us more intimately than we can think or imagine. He is the one that has placed you and I individually within this moment of time. He has a strategic plan for everything in heaven and in earth. God's plans never fail. His plan is why each of us is here on His glorious earth today.

Before I was called to Mozambique Father had placed seeds within me that I never knew. When His appointed time arrived He breathed life upon these dormant seeds. Life burst forth and these seeds began to grow. Suddenly, without warning a new calling burst forth within my spirit and within my heart. Suddenly Africa was all consuming within me. Truthfully, prior to this miraculous event I barely knew where Africa was and Mozambique not at all. I knew Africa was a continent, but knew nothing more.

Now some 7 years later these small seeds have taken root and God is growing great fruit for His glory. This is not of myself, I have simply been willing to be obedient. When He asked if I would go, my reaction was yes. I could not have comprehended how answering with a yes would instantly change my life so completely. My inner child simply jumped with joy at the thought of making my Father happy. Taking my little childs hand, He simply smiled and looked down saying He was going to take me on a glorious adventure. What child would not want to take a great adventure with his/her father? Now God is birthing and raising up something wonderfully new and exciting simply because it was always part of His great plan.

As part of this adventure Lord asks me to share with you. I am excited to ask that you be willing to say yes and take the hand of your Father when He reaches out and asks you. Abundant life is what He longs to grow right through each of us. Life and life abundant is the breath of God breathed upon seeds He has laying dormant within each of us. Let your inner child dance and sing with the joy of God as He breathes upon your spirit and heart.

I watch in complete amazement the new seeds Father is breathing life upon. The different seeds He has planted within Family of God Ministries and those we serve are truly exciting. As any child is intrigued watching as his/her parent reveals something new, I too watch with intrigue and amazement as I have begun to see and experience new wonders I never knew possible. Pinch me, is this real?

Here are some of the different things we are dancing for joy about as I hold my Fathers mighty hand.

Community Services

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever. Amen.

In the midst of the wilderness that is full of witchcraft and spiritus (worship of dead relatives and ancestors) Father is breathing life upon dormant seeds laying in wait for His perfect time. Life and truth is raising up in triumphant ways. More and more we are hearing and seeing the changes in thought and fear is being swept away by the power of Gods love. The women are raising up in song and dance rejoicing and singing praises to God their deliverer. They bring their children and are full of joy as Family of God encourages their freedom to dance, sing, praise and give their glorious testimonies.

Community Outreaches

Community Pao Days - Giving Bread

One or two times per month Family of God Ministries send out an alert call - Tomorrow is Pao day!

They come from near and far to receive a blessing. As each loaf of pao (bread) is given a small prayer and blessing is given to each individual. The hunger for Jesus is growing as we do this small offering to feed the physical hunger. Here in Mitilani they have never known kindness, generosity or love. Now they are beginning to see, taste and feel the goodness of Jesus Christ.

Community Futball

Three or four evenings a week Family of God's rough riding disciples walk about a mile to a small futbol pitch that together with our community we have cleared away the debris and garbage. As they walk they sing and praise God which sends out the alarm that Futbol for Jesus is about to begin. At 5pm praise, prayer and blessings begin, 5:30pm game time.

These games are not about who wins or looses, but about what team work looks like, what good sportsmanship is and how God has blessed us all with individual gifts and abilities. Building relationship within our bush community continues to open doors. Questions are being asked and conversations about God are building a solid foundation.

Reading, Writing and Mathematics

In Mitilani there is not access to the very basic things of Life. There are no roads, there is not clean water or electricity, there are not even schools. Here we have a very simple way of doing things. As the Father breathes life and His seeds begin taking root He uses Family of God Ministries to open new wonders.

Do you remember when your child began to write his/her name for the very first times? The joy and pride you felt as your childs mind began to expand and embrace new wonders could not be measured. Family of God is teaching young and grown to write, to read and to do mathematics in very simple ways. God is reaching into hearts and minds and birthing hope. The excitement and joy each of His children feels as the defeat of hopelessness is being replaced and possibilities of a better life embraced. What God alone can accomplish is simply unimaginable.


Sowing Seeds

As Family of God Ministries reveals the light of Jesus, He is faithfully growing new ways of planting to produce a greater harvest. In a hot desert land, in a place that produces hopelessness, life can blossom. God has placed Family of God Ministries here to bring change and life. With the new irrigation system not only are we beginning to eat of Gods bounty we are quickly embracing our larger community and sharing a knowledge and new understanding of agriculture.

Part of Gods plan and adventure is not only to produce a continuing harvest, but to cultivate seeds for future growth and harvests. Some of these seeds we will share with those around us and educate them on how to grow gardens of their own. By Gods design these seeds will produce life for many.


Family of God Ministries is being stretched with new on every side. Holy Spirit is faithfully revealing the bounty of the seeds Father has hidden within each of us for His Greatest Harvest. He is faithfully preparing Family of God Rough Riding Disciples to embrace and teach those that are being seeded with His Spirit. We are purchasing additional bibles as we are in process of seeking His will for additional community outreach services as well as additional praise and worship services. With our eyes upward and seeking Jesus first Family of God Ministries is truly humbled and excited to be a part of Gods Great Adventure.

I ask that you stand with us and fight the good fight being bolder and stronger

than ever before.

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