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A Life Saved is a Miracle from God!

Sept 4, 2019

Meet Damau. He is 20 years old, but in his 20 years he has survived many things. Most recently, Damau was saved by the powerful hand of God when he fell more than 32 feet to the ground.

A life saved, is a Miracle from God! Would you agree?

Damau, has been with us for more than 2 years. We brought him in from the streets of Zimpeto and he has blossomed! He dearly loves Jesus and has grown so much you would not believe he is the same young man. 

On Friday, Sept. 4, 2019 Damau and others were working to clean the 5,000 Ltr water tank and fill it again for the week. Damau is the new leader of the farm. It was his turn to go inside the tank to wash and clean it. It had been raining in the night, so the tank top and sides were slick with the water. Damau and another youth, had climbed the 6.5 meter (21.32 ft) tower and were on the platform. Damau climbed to the top of the tank 3.5 meters (11.48 ft) so he was more than 32 feet off the ground. Due to the rain, Damau fell! 

Pentacose (the youth that was on the tower,) grabbed him as he was falling, but could not hold him. The entire team was present. Everyone was trying to grab and help. There was nothing that could be done! The trauma of this tragic accident has hit Family of God so deeply all the leaders and our youths are struggling. 

Damau - God is with us! 

LIFE THREATENING INJURIES Compound fracture of Left Femur ( thigh bones.) The femur is the strongest bone in the human body. Compound Fracture means the bones broke in half, came out of the skin and were exposed to the elements. We live in the bush!

Sand and wounds do not mix! Infections are life threatening here. God chose to spare his life! Even the injuries could be so much worse, we are praising Jesus!!!

Medical Attention:

In Manhica - the closet village to us, there is NO Hospital, nothing for emergency situations!  There is NO 911, NO Ambulance, No medical assistance, NO infrastructure! There is a very small first aid clinic. The clinic is not equipped for any level of injuries, nothing more than first aid. Damau was in critical condition. They pulled his leg to get the bones back into the body and plastered (put a cast) on. They had a few pain pills and then they could do nothing more! Due to the weekend, we had to keep him in Manhica. We were able to locate a private clinic in Maputo, the Capital City of Mozambique.

GOD'S TIMING is ALWAYS PERFECT! - One of our young men, Maruo, has a car, but it has been broken down for several months. We have been asking Lord month after month if we could repair it. We would always hear; "My time has not arrived yet, wait." A few days before Damau's accident, Lord had released us to repair the car. We had no idea what was about to happen, but God had a plan, He knew...

Our God Reigns, His love know's NO BOUNDS!!

The maiden voyage for the newly repaired car was to transport Damau to Maputo. Early Monday Morning we started the transportation process. We loaded Damau into the back of a car lined with pillows and blankets. He cannot sit up, he can only lay down. The casts are from his toes to his waist.

The car made stops every 20-30 minutes due to Damau's pain levels.  They arrived at the private clinic in Maputo about 6 pm. Damau lost consciousness several times along the way. His fever was very high and he was unconscious; critical condition upon arrival.

Damau, underwent a 4+ hour surgery Tue 4 am. The leg was set, sand and debris removed; wounds cleaned and irrigated, bones shaved and fragments removed. A metal plate implanted to allow the bones to reconnect, this will be removed at 6 months due to bone and growth plates still growing. The arm was set, as well as the ankle and wrist. He is now receiving IV fluids and I believe IV antibiotics.

Family of God Ministries, is the only family Damau has ever had. The impact we are having within the communities, simply by loving him and caring for his medical needs, is astounding and completely amazing. The entire bush community, Manhica village, local government, even those around us in Maputo; all are stunned that we are so passionate about his life. There is rarely a national treated in the private clinic, due to the expenses involved and lack of value for life in general. All eyes are on Family of God!

We are only doing as Lord is leading. The ripple affects are already being felt and the questions are already being asked. When we hired a local welder today to build a bed for Damau and the recuperation process, people were stunned! In a land where there is not hope or love, there is not comprehension of what is being seen. Please pray that the Glory of Christ Jesus and the Love of the Father, touch all heart and minds! .

Let Jesus be revealed in all things!!!

Prayer point 1 - Spirit of fear, spirit of trauma and spirit of death - Reveal Holy Spirit

Prayer point 2 - Injuries - Please pray for miraculous healings. 

Prayer point 3 - Jesus is Seen and Revealed in all we do and say!

Prayer point 4 - Finances and Resources. Damau will need much care in the days, weeks 

                         and months to come. 

UPDATES: September 20, 2019


Tue Sept 17, 2019 - After surgery and all exams the Dr.s are proud to proclaim Damau will live and be able to walk! He has no, permanent head or spinal injuries! He will need to heal for about 6 months, but Damau will recover fully! Damau was released and able to be moved from the Private Clinic in Maputo back to Family of God in the bush after only 7 days. Miraculous - YES!

Damau did not want to stay in the city alone under the care of a private nurse. He only wanted to be with his family at Family of God Ministries. He has never before had family, so we have grown a very intimate relationship. He is son and brother.

The traveling was not easy. Many times they needed to stop and allow Damau to rest from all the movement of the car. Finally after approx. 8.5 hours of traveling, they arrived home to the bush. Damau's new bed and family was ready to receive him. There was much celebration as well as concern. There is a long road of care and recovery ahead. Each will do his/her part and God's Family will grow stronger through the processes.

Fri. Sept 20, 2019

Damau was taken to the medical center in Manhica Village. The Dr. in Maputo approved removal of the plaster/cast on his left arm as well as taking plaster/casting from his hip area so he would not be able to sit-up to increase blood flow. These are huge healing miracles! We had been told he would not be allowed to sit-up for 4-6 weeks. How big is our God!?

Due to all the trauma of the last 2+ weeks, Damau has lost much weight. His body is fragile.

But God...

Now he is home with Family of God, we will be caring for him as only his family can, with much love and home cooked meals.

Damau, was very concerned that due to his accident, he would be dismissed from his position as Farm Manager. In any other company, he is aware there would not be concern for his life, only the company and its profits.

Family of God Ministries, is far more than a NGO or Company.

We represent Christ Jesus and how He would walk in the world.

We are adapting Damau's Job description so that in the next few weeks as he improves he will be able to go outside. We are discussing how to safely carry him and when it is safe to use the new forearm crutches we have purchased at the recommendation of the Dr.

We will design a chair with leg rest for him so he can supervise and manage well the Farm as we are expanding. Due to the miraculous revelations and Hand of God, within the hydroponic gardening, we are expecting to double the farms current size from 15mx25m to 30mx45m.

Damau is a huge part of the expansion.

Family of God Ministries is praising the Lord for not only saving his life, but for raising him into a mighty warrior in the Lords Army! God is seen everywhere because His Miracles are everywhere!!

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Amazing story of our God and the miracle he is doing. Well written honey it caught my heart. God Smiles

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