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Merry Christmas from Mozambique 2022

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Family of God Ministries celebrated Christmas with all the surrounding bush communities for two full days. What an honor it is to celebrate with Christ Jesus his birth. I understand, at least in some small way, the challenges that Mary faced. She traveled great distances in harsh conditions, she lay on the floor of a barn giving birth, she had no other real place for her new born baby, so she lay him in trough of hay. The reality of animals and lack for basic needs surrounding her. As I look around I see the humble birth of our Lord and Savior my heart overflows with gratitude and thanksgiving for His love and life here on earth.

Family of God Ministries rejoices in the birth of Christ as His decision to become human brings the love and compassion of God to a people in desperate hopelessness and despair. Jesus gives life to people trapped within spiritual poverty. What other hope can there be except the Hope that is in Christ Jesus!?

Our first day of celebration was bringing all the people together. Family of God Ministries cannot simply be inside the four walls of a Church. We must meet the needs through Gods Word, action and deed. We are out in the communities, meeting and interacting with the people, building relationships and continually forming new foundations through Christ. One of the best ways we have found is FUTBOL!

Futbol (soccer) is profound and much bigger than American football in many parts of the world. This is profoundly true in Mozambique. The first day we began with futball games; children joining in being helped with those older than they. The final games were community vs Family of God Team boys. Everyone was cheering for everyone. A time of great solidarity, unity, and joy.

During the resting periods the ladies would perform songs and dance to the Lord with great praise and thanksgiving for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the end of first day, Zito our young pastor and spiritual leader to the community, talked openly and honestly about the reason we celebrate Christmas. He spoke of what the true story is behind the word Christ..mas That it is only the birth of Christ.

For many this was foreign and new. The "religion" of the bush areas is "spiritus - worship of dead relatives" combined with levels of "witchcraft and superstition." Love, compassion, mercy, grace these things are all seen as weakness, if they are offered or seen at all.

This is why Spirit within Christmas is so very profound to the heart of the ministry that is Family of God Ministries. The humble birth of Jesus is our greatest example of how to meet people in the middle of their desperate need.


Day 2

Family of God Ministries Team of Rough Riding Disciples prepared for Christmas with many days and weeks of preparations. We took long hours of practicing a dramatization portraying the journey and birth of Christ. The ladies spent hours upon hours rehearsing songs and dances. We prayed often that the word of God would be received, that the songs and music would be embraced and that the real Spirit of God would change hearts and lives for eternity!

The humble blessings of Jesus overflowed as each person was served and given small bowl of his own. Each individual was prayed over with the expectation of Holy Spirit interceding and changing the hearts, turning him/her toward the truth of Christ. As the people kept coming, the food kept flowing and the prayers and expectations kept growing. The pots remained plentiful, and hearts were opened to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Only our God can do this, but oh what a awesome time as we are servants and friends to Jesus. Happy Happy Birthday Jesus! We Celebrate YOU as our Savior and King!

At the conclusion of all the services, festivities, games, and celebrations each of the local Government Leaders came and expressed their deep joy and expressed heartfelt desires for Family of God Ministries to bring more and greater "revivals" to the families and communities.

Holy Spirit has made a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus throughout 2023. With new doors being opened Family of God Ministries is ready to walk boldly proclaiming the truth that is Jesus Christ; His birth, death, and Resurrection! We are excited with anticipation of 2023 being a catalyst with God's Glory and Salvation through Jesus Christ as our Goal.

Merry Merry Christ...mas definition (mas) a (specified) festival or celebration.) to ALL!


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