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Photo Gallery

Changing the way the world sees Christian Nonprofits and Ministry

Bocaria _ Garbage Dump
Alcido and Michelle
Left behind 2022
Isis 2
Witchdoctor Moz 2022
Street market Zimpeto
refugies after village is burned
Carrying water
Singing and Dancing for God
Thursday Girls Dancing
Ofelia harvesting salad
Irrigation set up 3-3-22
New water Tank for Irrigation 2-11-2022
New Irrigation
Irrigation and New Shade Clothes

Sun is toooo hot. Shade clothes help crops

Shade Clothes beginning
New Shade clothes
Shade Clothes
Shade Clothes 2
Mana Lurdis
Lurdis' House 1-31-2022
Neighbors helping Neighbors
Lurdis Shower floor 2-2022  (3)
Day of Prayer and Fasting 2-23-2022
Prayer and Fasting 2-22-2022
Learning about God
Lurdis Shower floor 2-2022  (4)
Bebe wants to play futbol
Hand in Hand
Sunday Children
Singing and Dancing for God
New Game
Pao Kids2- Outreach

Outreach - Giving Bread to hungry neighbors

Pao Kids
Pao Day

Giving Bread Outreach

Giving Pao again
Tutoring Classes

Tutoring Neighbors

Teaching English 3-20-22
Learning in the bush of Mitilani

Learning had no age limit

Water Tower Construction Begins
Water Tower Const.

New Water Tower Construction begins. 2022

Water Tower Const 2
Water Tower Const. 3
Water Tower Const. 5-22
Well Tower Const 6-2022

Water Tower Completed!! July 2022

Tower const 6-2022
Well Tower and 50,000ltr Tank completed 6-20-2022
Solar borehole pump

Purchased New Borehole/Well Solar Pump 9-2022

Duck and Chicken House
Moira 6 years old
Alcido and Michelle
Futbol Excitement
Futbol 9
Watching Futbol
Wars raging
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