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FUTBOL by any other name is still Futbol. In America we call it Soccer because to us Football is something different entirely. I love football, but now when you ask me about Soccer, I have a New and Wonderful story to tell.

Pi with Futbol
Family of God Ministries is being used to minister in a whole new way. Living an open love for Jesus and embracing Christian Ethics as we pray before every practice or game. In these ways God is opening doors for better community development and programs.

Principals form Character. Character is the fiber of what the world knows. Integrity and honor form the backbone for good character. Our youth have experienced lack in many areas of their lives. Now is the time for them to become equipped and strong in Who God Has Designed them To Become. To Build Identity and forge Character is a process only time invested can reveal.


BY Design we are created to be in relationship, first with God then with one another. Soccer is a huge key into raising up young people from a place of hopelessness. The foundation we are standing on is the same fundamental foundation Christ Jesus gave by going to the cross. There is need for the one on your right and the one on your left to hear your story of Jesus.


Building Trust and Unity are KEY. Time invested not spent builds unique relationship that builds value, worth and self discipline. Revealing what team work looks like, what good sportsmanship is and how God has blessed us all with individual gifts, talents and abilities builds and grows community. Building relationship and unity within our bush community continues to open doors. Questions are being asked and conversations about God are building a solid foundation.

This Generation of youth and young adults has a unique challenge. Whether in USA or Mozambique there is a brokenness that has torn fathers from mothers and children from their parents. No matter how it has happened, the result is the same, OUR YOUTH NEEDS VALUE, WORTH AND LOVE...  

Girls with New Cleats
Cleats and Futbol for Everyone
Gift of Cleats
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