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Family of God Ministries, is intentionally giving to others, what we are receiving from Christ. We are walking beside our neighbors, engaging and purposefully growing relationships with individuals, families and our community. 

In doing so, Family of God Ministries, is stepping into the gap and serving real needs, to build up the broken and the lost within our communities.


 Family of God Ministries, is revealing the tangible Love of Christ in Word, Action and Deed. We eat together, worship together and work side-by-side one with another, learning and growing through hard work and the Spirit of God to raise our youth and young adults into the Family and Community Leaders, we need for all our Tomorrows..


In these unique ways we are forming bonds together that will forge a brighter future and a new hope for tomorrow.

The Mission

Loving the lost into a life

passionate for Christ.


Family of God Ministries loves and serves children, young adults and families surviving the hopelessness of occupation and war, leading them into a safe Christian environment. Here they learn about Christ Jesus while developing life, career and social skills to live a Christian life for family and community leadership.

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