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Leading the way

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Education Builds

Hope and a Future

Family of God Ministries is Actively building individuals, families and communities.

Bringing access to youth through Adulthood tutoring and education is vital.

There is no limitation when you have hope...

Individual Tutoring began June 2017

Pi Learning to Paint
Valentino Teaching
School Books

  • 2017 Tutoring - Stepping into the Gap

  • 2022 Language Classes Begin

  • Rising from tribal languages

  • Learning Portuguese and English



Family of God Ministries is Raising up the Spirit and the Mind.

Building leaders for the Future.

Get Smart

In Mitilani there is not access to the very basic things of Life. There are no roads, there is not clean water or electricity, there are not even schools. Here we have a very simple way of doing things. As the Father breathes life and His seeds begin taking root He uses Family of God Ministries to open new wonders.

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Writing a Sticky Note


To build a small school house for community accessibility to a foundational education

Building Planning


Architectural plans completed 


Watch Close-up


2.5 acres of land purchased 2017.

Well drilled 2018. 

Collecting Money


Make your 



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Architect Plans

  • Construction Ground Breaking   2024

  • 3 Classrooms                           2025

  • Building Completion                 2026

  • Classes Begin                        Spring 2027

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God has a Great Plan for Everyone 

Learning English_edited.jpg

Do you remember when your child began to write his/her name for the very first times? The joy and pride you felt as your childs mind began to expand and embrace new wonders could not be measured. Family of God is teaching young and grown to write, to read and to do mathematics in very simple ways. God is reaching into hearts and minds and birthing hope. The excitement and joy each of His children feels as the defeat of hopelessness is being replaced and possibilities of a better life embraced. What God alone can accomplish is simply unimaginable.

At Family of God Ministries our focus is Christ first with communication and language development and better community development programs at heart.
Sunset Reading
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