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Nov. 2017 -  Family of God purchased 2.5 acres of bush land.
2018 - Cleared land, drilled a well, built water tower and raised a 5,000 liter water tank. We invested time and resources into hand crafting bricks, and forged a brick yard.  


Practical works is a foundation of teaching, training and doing to build life and a future. We begin with bricks and God decides what He will build. Jesus was known as a carpenter, but truly He is the Master Craftsman.



Build up

ATrue Story

Part 1

... Bricks... Bricks... More Bricks...

As they began meeting to pray and talking openly, they began realizing that the action needed to develop tangible change, was building and infrastructure. Basic needs, food, water, shelter. Together they began to explore how to farm. What would grow and how it could be accomplished. Just as soon as farming had begun, sanitation became a real life issue. Raw sewage was found and it was draining directly into the path of the newly planted gardens.

Michelle can do many things, in many situations, but sanitation engineer? Immediately there was need for a septic system. Prayer is the best way to gain insights and revelations. Overnight much insight was given.

The plan - simply put, dig the whole and line with bricks. It was a start. The next step, would come after the action of the first step. Discussions were done, decisions made. Invest the limited capital on hand, not in food that was desperately needed, but invest in the purchase of 500 bricks from a recommended neighborhood mason.

Three days after the arrival of the bricks, the rain came. The four young men worked incredibly hard first dig, then build, this amazing septic tank. None of them had ever undertaken such an endeavor. The rain pushed each to their limits and made the tasks at hand, much more grueling.

This particular night, the Lord woke Michelle from her sleep. Holy Spirit was revealing that there was a problem and it required immediate attention. Following the promptings she rose and went out into the yard. Looking around trying to find what could be the reason the Lord was ringing an alarm. She stood weeping at the sight of pile, after pile, after heartbreaking pile of broken, unusable bricks.


The sacrifices and sweat these young men had endured. What could be the plan now?


If you have ever prayed and needed an answer, you know the hearts cry that comes from the depths of a persons spirit that is overwhelmed by challenge. This is where Holy Spirit must be heard and Heavenly Father must have already prepared a plan. This is also where Christ steps in, through an individuals choice to engage. Utilizing faith to bring action into the physical world, Christ uses the individual to bring about a specific outcome, to the Fathers plan. This is where change and growth are produced. We are known by our fruit.

Bricks... Bricks... More Bricks...

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