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Studying and learning about Christ
Children's Portuguese Bible
Portuguese Bible

Bibles serve multiple purposes as we step into the gap and share our lives through the Love of Jesus Christ. 

  • Foundation of Belief in Jesus Christ.

  • Tutoring English/Portuguese Skills

  • Basic Foundation of Reading and vocabulary.

  • Principles of Value, Worth and Character of Christ

Backing up - Throughout 2016 and 2017, Family of God Ministries being birthed. As a principle part of our foundational beliefs system, listening and learning from Holy Spirit was all we knew. The Spirit gave new ways of becoming family and embracing discipleship. We were walking out and nurturing new principles, that in turn, brought love and hope of Christ Jesus to those around us. Through Holy Spirit, Family of God Ministries has developed a core group of young men and women.

As a result of each being thrown away by society, each is now finding a God that not only cares, but loves them and wants to be intimately involved in a personal relationship. No person, no religion has ever spoken of knowing such a God. Now hearing and learning through Holy Spirit, not only reveals God, but Christ Jesus as their way to salvation and eternal life. 

Now a year or so later, the foundation Holy Spirit is the breath birthing is the place we live and the atmosphere we breathe. These precious young adult have now grown into Family of God's rough and tender, band of outcast leaders.


From some how surviving the impossible, into the truths of Christ, we were just what God needed, His faith filled band of the least of the least.

Family of God Ministries, is being called into uncharted territory. The Spirit has raised us up for just this time, for this place, and for Christ's glory. All the new challenge are breathing life and changing hearts, from the inside out.


This is Christ Jesus Himself,  stepping out into the gap, for each one of us and this is only the beginning. The Father is always faithful to finish what He begins. 

The impacts continue to grow and the Truths of Christ Jesus prevail. Sunday Church Services and salvations are the fruit of the Heart of God that flows freely unencumbered. 

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We are now His, He can ask what He will because we came from a place of darkness without him, now we have experienced life and nothing can separate us from our Jesus. We are His group of young rough riders, willing to step into new faith and trust God through any trial. We love Him enough, to put His Word to the test and step out into active living faith. In these ways Family of God Ministries is used to better our community development far beyond just a program. 


Meet Zito 

Nov. 2021 Our new Spiritual Father leads the 6am morning study & Prayer. 

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