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Who is GOD?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Is the God of the Bible still alive today? If so, does He care for us His children in the same ways He did in Biblical days? What about the Israelite's? Did God really do miracles such as saving them from the plagues or keeping them from the Spirit of Death or dividing the Red Sea and providing food and water on their 40 year journey? Was He truly concerned about their lives?

Now, I ask you to stop and take a few minutes to reflect on the place/s within your own life that you had to have a miracle to survive the situation. Perhaps it was financial, illness or maybe an accident or disease, a child or a loved one, abuse of some kind. Whatever it is/was, each of us have had a place/s in which we not just needed but, had to have, God intervene on our behalf or the outcome would be disastrous maybe even deadly.


Now, let me start with a piece of my personal experiences with God. I was raised in a middle class blended family. Two working parents and two younger brothers. I was the only girl and the oldest. I was a strong willed child and a rebellious teenager. Feeling that I never really fit into my family, I left at 13. After which I spent nearly 20 years surviving dire situations the streets of Seattle presented. I began to cope using drugs and alcohol and doing whatever it took to stay alive. As a result, I came face to face with death many, many times.

As I went deeper and deeper into this darkened way of life, I noticed a common thread between most, if not all of the people around me. There was a deep coldness of heart. There was a hopelessness that had permeated into the spirit and what was left within had no care or compassion for anything other than its own survival. The ways of survival, the drugs and the alcohol had opened doors for evil to have access within the human minds and spirits in unforeseen ways. The end product was this coldness that had grown through desperation of circumstances and then through the lack of value and worthlessness. The result, human beings became uncaring without compassion, then vile and then evil, rotting from the inside. Almost like one of those Si-Fi moves about aliens coming to earth and taking over human bodies. Q: Is the true presence of darkness and evil the separation from the light/presence and love of God?

I chose to leave home, I wanted what I saw as freedom. But what I stepped into was a place of bondage and torment. As I looked around I made only one request of God. I asked Him to keep my heart safe with him. I could see myself, my heart in my hands, raising it up to Him in heaven. I also saw His hand reaching down to take it. In my mind, spirit or whatever you want to call it, I heard God say He would keep it safe until I wanted it back again. I made a pact with God that if I ever felt my heart going cold, I would leave this place of existence and go wherever He wanted me to go. Who knew He would take me seriously...


... Is the God of the Bible still alive today? If so, does He care for us His children in the same ways He did in Biblical days?

I am living, breathing proof that God is very much alive and caring for us. My life is a testament to the miracles God does, not did, but does even today! He does care for us, His children in the very same ways He did in Biblical times. I am a walking miracle! If you see through His eyes, you will come to realize you are as well.

The days and times we are living in today are new and unprecedented for this modern era. We are now experiencing our own plagues. Is there a difference between then and now? Drug addictions (prescription and non) , the flesh and putting self first, immoralities, lifestyle choices, lack of value for life (abortion is murder,) gambling, mammon (the god of money,) idolatry (anything we want more than God,) and so it goes on and on.

Now, the virus that is roaming the world releasing a spirit of fear and death. It is this same spirit of fear and death that Lord used to release the Israelite's from their slavery. I am in NO way implying that God released this virus upon us! I am saying He will use it. He is Victorious! This is a great place to encounter the Spirit of our God! We, as God's Children can choose to walk in His miracles, just as the Israelite's walked. Or we can grumble in doubt and unbelief choosing to stay in the desert.

OR... We can learn from their mistakes. We can choose faith in God and not repeat the mistakes that destroyed an entire generation. We can begin by choosing to throw away doubt and fear. Rising up in worship, praise and prayer we can stand and walk in belief and trust in our God as He lights our pathways through this present day wilderness.

...O death, where then is your victory? Where then your sting? For sin—the sting that causes death—will all be gone; and the law, which reveals our sins, will no longer be our judge. How we thank God for all of this! It is he who makes us victorious through Jesus Christ our Lord! Corin. 15:55-57

God has a plan and through the process of living our lives and making mistakes He has the Authority and Power to bring His plan to fruition, no matter how dire the circumstance may seem to be. When we allow God to be in the drivers seat amazing things are revealed. This is where His Miracles come to breathe life into our daily lives.


Family of God Ministries was birthed through the same miraculous ways He delivered the Israelite's. As we continue to seek Him, He continues to reveal each step we are to take. From His mighty heart that never grows cold He is continuing to prove that Family of God is part of His glorious plan.


Baptizing, in the Komati River.
​December 25, 2019 / Christmas Morning - In celebration of the Birth of Christ and the beginning of a new decade 2020. Our New Rough Riding Leaders began by deciding to give their hearts and lives to Christ Jesus. Baptism is the outward revealing of the new life beginning with the relationship between the individual and Jesus. For the opening step, God led us straight to the rivers edge. Komati River (Crocodile River) is the place He led us to enter. The purpose - Baptisms.

As we honored God and gave hearts and lives to Christ Jesus, hundreds came to encounter the moments. Buddhists, Muslims, Witch Doctors, Atheists, even those practicing Spiritis worship (worship of dead ancestors.) Together they all watched in awe. Each had heard and now each sat in disbelief. Family of God has been sharing about our the Birth and Resurrection of Christ Jesus for many weeks. We shared our stories of our loving and powerful God. But this was never imagined.

The result - Newly born faith is immediately stretched and put to the test. With every baptism  we sent a  lookout for the underwater monsters. All the while we knew we were standing beside the Angles we had asked Lord to stand at guard. Now understand, we had been teaching and instructing about the depths of relationship with Christ as the source of definitions for Baptism for more than 10 weeks.

No one made these unprecedented decisions without much seeking, prayer and fasting.

As Easter 2020 approaches Family of God Ministries is preparing for the profound honor of baptizing those from our surrounding communities. We have been teaching and having classes for just this time. What better way to declare the Resurrection of Christ Jesus then to dedicate ones heart and life through the outward washing away of the sins that nailed him to the cross.

Please stay tuned for updates as together, we celebrate Christ Jesus in new and amazing ways.


Project GOD Overview

January 2020 - Family of God Ministries picked up the option to purchase a second hector (2.5 acres) of bush land. It is connected on the west side of the primary Family of God Land. We are currently clearing and obtaining building permits from the local government. With this addition we are able to expand farming areas as well as have a dedicated space for Church construction. How exciting is our God!

The Church Building

Design is open 25m x 20m (82 x 65 feet)

Virus or no virus Family of God is seeking and worshiping our God above all other things. Our first prayer service was simply our team of 6. Now 20ish months later our team has grown to 12 living with us full time, another 12-15 helping and working with us daily. Sunday Services are 75-100 with multiple men's women's and children's classes weekly averaging more than 20 in attendance in each. Salvation's are averaging 4-5 per month or more. We work closely with the entire community daily. Following up with individuals and families after salvation is backbone of all Family of God Ministries believes and teaches.

Christ Centered Life

Bible, Prayer, Worship – Daily

Baptism Services

Build Trust Framework

Change Mindsets / strongholds  

Character Building

Faith Development

Identity in Christ

Leader / Disciple in/for Christ Jesus

Love as Christ /  Unconditionally

Role Model – Be the Example

Sunday Services are Alive & Growing Education, Life and  

Practical Skills

Brick Making / Masonry

Building / Construction

Business Management

Education – English/Portuguese 3-R’s

Health/  Hygiene / Sanitation

Farming / Animal Husbandry

Identity / Personal Documents


Water Distribution / Mgmt.

Waste Management

Family and Community Development

Communication Development

Community Development/ Support

Children’s Character and Integrity

Health/  Hygiene / Sanitation

Household Management

Marriage / Parenting Development

Leadership Development

Invest / Teach Others

Relationship Building

Men’s and Women’s Character/ Roles and Identity Development

Roles and Identity Development


Backing UP - November 2017

Miraculously the Secretary of Land Management in Manhica called. She contacted me the day before my return to the US. The offer - Purchase 1 hector of land, hold a option for additional land purchases and become the first and only NGO in a 250 mile radius. Over the past 18 or so months, Family of God Ministries has grown in ways that only God can do. He created Family of God Ministries with a plan and strategy in place. Our job, follow Him!

Where is the proof that He is involved in our daily lives? Does He still do miraculous miracles the bible stories talk about?

Answer - Family of God Ministries is the proof - Our God is not only Alive but Involved Intimately !

As the days and times we are living in the world grow increasingly challenged with reports of doom and gloom. I say to you do not be dismayed, LOOK UP!!

Lord I pray that You open the eyes of our hearts right now in Jesus Name!

Holy Spirit I ask, let us see the miracles You are doing right, in our midst. Don't let us be blinded to the things of the Spirit. Father let Your Light Shine all around us. For your Praise and Glory sake, I ask these things in Jesus Mighty, Powerful, Wonderful, Awesome Name!

I ask that you embark on a new journey. That Lord places a desire within in your heart to serve Him in new and wondrous ways. That He bless you far beyond anything you can think or imagine. For no other reason than you are His child and a intricate part of His Master Plan.

I invite you to take a step out of the box the world has tried to place you in. Partner with Family of God Ministries as together we take a walk into all the miraculous miracles our Loving Heavenly Father has already prepared.

I am scheduled to return to Mozambique May 31, 2020. Below you will find a list of Donation Items. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to partner.


Supplies List for May 31, 2020 Return to Mozambique ELECTRONICS: PLEASE NOTE: Lists are minimum numbers. (We need more but..... ) 10 SMART PHONES SAMSUNG/ANDROID - SPRINT/VERIZON NETWORK USING (CDMA FREQUENCY) Can be purchased Amazon/Ebay/Best Buy NOT ATT / T MOBILE WHICH USES (GSM FREQUENCY). These do not work in Moz. NO APPLE PRODUCTS PLEASE. THEY ARE TO COMPLEX FOR THE NETWORK IN MOZAMBIQUE. Phone Accessories – 20 Chargers 25 6 'Quick Charge Cords. NOTE: We only have access to electricity via solar power or via generator. 2 LAPTOPS w/ chargers and preferred extra battery 1 word processing / office / media etc. 1 word processing / video/ multi media etc. large memory capacity. NO APPLE PRODUCTS PLEASE. THEY ARE TO COMPLEX FOR THE NETWORK IN MOZAMBIQUE. 3 - Seagate 2-4 Terabyte Capacity External Hard Drives for storage and backups. 8 USA Surge protectors CLOTHING: Men Shirts 25 med boys, 25 sm men, 20 med men, 20 Lg men Boxers shorts 25 med boys, 25 sm men, 20 med men, 20 Lg men Boxer breifs 25 med boys, 25 sm men, 20 med men Socks 200 Boys/Girls Shirts 35 all sized children sm - xl Women Shirts - 50 Med - Lg Bras - 20 - 32-38 C-DD Panties - 50 Girls med-lg Womens Panties - 60 - Med - XL SEWING - Needles and Thread, threaders, OFFICE 100 Pens, 100 Pencils w extra erasers, 10 boxes black Sharpies, 10 packages of multi. color hi-lighters, 5 Staplers, 10 boxes Staples, 30 heavy duty Scissors 5 Boxes large paperclips 5 Boxes Med document binders/clips 20 - Small Paring knives - small amount of serration

Personal Hygiene items:

Mens Deoterant


Womens Deoterant



200 +

Lotion / Any Brand/Lg Size


Shampoos/Conditioners/ Costco Sizes 50+

Large Tooth Hair Combs 30+

Womens/Girls Hair barrettes / bows/ etc

NOTE: If Possible donate $ for heavier items. I will purchase in

S. Africa due to 50 pound weight constraints on Airplanes


100+ PAIRS - Sizes - 5/6 - 11/12 Larger sizes are also greatly needed


SEEDS - Bulk – Non GMO / Heirloom (Hybred seeds will not produce usable seeds)

Beans: Red beans, White Beans, Green Beans


Corn: Sweet and field


Melons – Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honey Due







Scissors Surgical-style

Surgical - Needles / thread Allergy pills. Costco Sizes

50 Tylenol - Costco size comes 2 bottles connected 50 Ibuprofen - Costco size comes 2 bottles connected

25 Allergy Pills - Costco brand, Costco size comes 2 bottles connected 25 Omeprazole (over the counter Previcid, Nexium) Acid prohibitor.)

20 Tums./ Any Brand - Costco Sizes

75 Ace Bandages

Bandages / Band-Aids - All kinds larger sizes, 100 Gauze Rolls,

100 boxes 4x4 medical gauze squares or larger, 50 Medical Tape roles,

5 Plastic Wrap - Reynolds/ Cling wrap etc

5 Ziplock Freezer bags Costco quantity - Gal. Size 50 Eye Drops - Costco size

150 Antiseptic Spray - Costco size

Etc, Etc, Etc - .Anything you think can help.

Family of God is the only medical / first-aid in the area.

50 PKGS - Mens White Handkerchiefs Costco packages

50 PKGS - Mens colored Handkerchiefs Costco package sizes (used for non medical/ womens personal uses.)

NOTE: Malaria and Infections kill as many as TB.



GOD vs HIV/AIDS - Maria's Story (link to Family of God Blog)

***Lord is leading us to begin growing/ harvesting for medical/HIV purposes***



GRINDING. (Specifically, Nigella Organic Seeds)


$200 for each 50 lb suitcase - Goal is 6-8 Suitcases

6 USED - LARGE TRAVEL SUITE CASES - Good Will/Value Village etc. I will leave empty the suitcases in Mozambique, for storage and organization purposes.

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