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Michelle Morrell Co-Founder with Christ

Michelle is a native Washingtonian. Michelle grew up in Burien, a suburb of Seattle. She is a devoted, loving mother and grandmother. Her passion for unity of family runs deep. Her parents and family have since relocated to Wenatchee, Washington where Michelle spends much time. 
Having spent her teens and twenties surviving in the streets of Seattle, Michelle gave her life to Christ Jesus, October 1994. This served to light an unquenchable fire for service and a driving passion for the lost and broken.
Having owned and operated a small business, "Munchkids Preschool and Daycare", for more than 15 years. Michelle has developed an outstanding reputation of complete devotion, honesty and for having an unparalleled level of integrity.
Michelle has held many contracts and licenses over the years, with City of Seattle, Child Protective Services, CCR department of King County, as well as the State of Washington. Michelle is a proud advocate for the homeless and the under privileged.
Present Day - In 2016, Michelle lived within the communities of Zimpeto and Khongolati, Mozambique, suburbs of Maputo, for over a year. The Lord used this time to develop and forge a tenacious team of young Mozambican Nationals. 
Family of God Ministries 501c3 Non-profit was formed in 2017 after Michelle's return to the USA.
Family of God Ministries NGO of Mozambique was formed in 2018.
Michelle lives half time in the Mitilani bush of Mozambique, along side the other team members. Together they can be found loving and working beside those that are in need. This area of Mozambique is known to have an impoverished population that approximately 50% of the men, women and children are found positive for HIV/AIDS.
Michelle is a trailblazer and a forerunner of Jesus Christ. 
Michelle continues today leading and teaching with a passion to see ALL Nations, raised up to be united as God's living family.
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