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God Gives a Land of Opportunity

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

October 2017, God gave an unprecedented miracle.

The day before Michelle's departure from Moz., God opened a door for Family of God to step-up into a new level of service.

Suddenly, the Government of Manhica was offering to sell land, to a foreign company; Family of God Ministries.

This is simply not allowed. The Mozambique Government considers itself above its nationals. Therefore, the Government is the rightful owner of all land, within its boarders.

Michelle, stood beside Ferreira, as he explained in his broken English, all that was being spoken and offered. Michelle reached her hand out, receiving the hand of the Secretary of Land Administration, Madala Carlota. A land deal was struck through, the shaking of hands. Family of God Ministries, had immediately, without hesitation, stepped through the door the Lord had just presented.

Sight unseen, the unprecedented land purchase deal was sealed, through the integrity of one's spoken word and a handshake. Profoundly, the Mozambique Government had just presented us, 1 hector (2.5 acres) of raw land. Have you ever had a moment in time, that your not sure you will ever completely comprehend its significance? Family of God Ministries, was stepping into a new level within God's Design and it was being birthed into the physical world, this very moment.

How does something so profound happen? Through God's Design!

Before we could even blink, Family of God Ministries leaders were being thrust forward, into a new dimension, far beyond anything we had expected. The Father's new strategies and Holy Spirits, new ways of living. What a way to bring about a new dependency on Christ. God had to be our everything, without exception!

January 2018, was the beginning of our transition. Ferreira was being tested in ways we hadn't even realized. He had come from a background of survival, but now living once again without basic needs? This is where growing the strength of faith, meets the end of flesh and one's self.

Ferreira's housing during the process of building a room for him to live. Can you imagine camping as a way of life?

Isn't it ironically funny, how we want our lives to grow, but sacrifice or change? As we serve self and flesh, we bypass the Spirit, no looking forward into the depths of the soul (mind, will and emotion.) Naturally we are raised to feed the flesh. The spirit-man is left to ride in the back seat. As humans, we have been raised to resist the Spirit. This process of tearing down of flesh and self would serve to be Ferreira's building up in ways he could not have foreseen.

For the many months that would follow, Ferreira would travel some 3-4 hours from his wife, Arufa and his baby girl. His dedication was inspiring. He was living M-F on the land, only to return to his family for the rest his body required. The process was so long and hard, but there was hope and promise being built throughout the struggles.

Everything that was to be needed for survival, for building, for cooking or eating, had to be carried in, by hand. Walking, taking buses and walking again and again, hot and tired, even before arriving, only to be faced with insurmountable challenges. First, bring in the cement, then mix and form the bricks. Next, the water. It had to be carried in from many kilometers away every day, without exception. This process was far too large for only one.

First came the ladies from the bush. Each was struggling to survive and feed her own family. God was not just presenting Family of God with tremendous opportunity. As need for help, on both sides, became apparent a bond of sorts began to grow. The ladies would help carry water, cook and do whatever each could do. In exchange, each was able to provide for her household. There is a strength that binds one to the other when there is need

Backing up - Throughout 2015 and 2016, Family of God Ministries, had been learning ways of embracing discipleship. We were walking out and nurturing new principles, that in turn, brought love and hope of Christ Jesus, to those around us. Through Holy Spirit, Family of God had developed a core group of young men and women. Thrown away by society, each was now finding a God that cared.

Now a year or so later, they were Family of God's rough and tender, band of outcast leaders. From bare survival, through the truths of Christ, we had just what God needed. A group of young disciples, willing to step into faith and trust God enough to put His Word to the test.

Family of God Ministries, was being called out into uncharted territory. for just this time and for this new place. These young men and women, had been being raised up to be disciples for Christ. This new challenge was breathing life and changing hearts, from the inside out. This was God stepping into the gap, for each one of us!

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