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Ferreira Timoteo - Mozambique Director and Man of God

Ferreira is dedicated to raising up Mozambique from within.

He is a Mozambican National, with a true heart for service. Ferreira, is a dynamic leader and humble man of God. He is a loving husband and father. He dedicates himself assiduously to walking out the foundational principles of Family of God Ministries. Ferreira, serves as a profound example, through the love he has for God and family first. 

Ferreira, is a highly principled example of integrity in leadership. His trustworthiness and complete dedication, has excelled beyond all our expectations.

Beyond Ferreira's role as Mozambique Director, he also serves as Family of God Ministries, Government Liaison

Ferreira's competent yet humble manor speaks volumes, even as he sits having tea with the President of Manhica. Through Ferreira's tireless efforts combined with his dedicated engagement, 

Family of God Ministries is proud to a licensed NGO and Non-Profit within the boarders of Mozambique.

Family of God Ministries is honored and humbled to be the first and only NGO serving in the Manhica Providence, of Mozambique. 

Ferreira's heart is for the lost and the broken! He is quiet in words, but his deeds are without compare. Ferreira is who he is today, only because of his complete dependence upon God.  

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