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Dancing with Jesus

Updated: Aug 1, 2019


My heart is so full I cannot express it in words. Our God is truly revealing Himself as More Than We Can Think or Imagine! He is moving our feet into the "New" on every level of life. His Mercy is giving ways for us to transition into this NEW. Transition is the word that the Lord has us living out as we enter into His African land.

Hands and Feet of God

As I look into all that has needed to take place transition is the perfect fit for what life has become over this past 10 years. I started with a step of belief that the Lord had something to say to me. My spirit began to understand that His Spirit wanted to come and sit with my spirit and reveal what His Heart had been holding out for me. He simply started asking me to “Go get your toes wet.” He simply started revealing to me that He was asking if I could give Him my life. Could I let Him lead? He wanted me to dance with Him and allow Him to lead. As together, we began to dance He began to write the most miraculous story for my life. How could I possibly say no to the one that loves me without condition?

Through the years He has begun to grow me. First things first get my eyes off myself. If there is pain from this life, then help someone else! In this I found volunteering brought fresh insights and much needed value to a once shattered life.

In the Beginning, there was Transform Burien. I volunteered for 5 years to cook and help feed homeless and poverty stricken in Burien, a suburb of Seattle Washington. Then there was the maturing through leadership of New Heart at Hope. Through it all Holy Spirit was preparing me, broadening the vision somehow. I was being given these precious times to spend in intimate conversation with the designer and lover of my life.

Holly Spirit was now revealing the Heart of the Father, for His children. I had finally come to the places where He was beginning to ask me to put into action what He had been revealing about the love of Christ Jesus. He was leading me into places that I had to choose to believe what I had read in the scriptures. I knew what we had been contemplating, but this was a time of choosing Gods Will and not my own.

In my heart I now understood that prayer is simply a conversation; A Conversation between friends. A time to ask questions and receive His answers; revelations. As well, prayer is a time for Him to ask questions of me and assist me to see the answers He longs to give. I have come to understand that when Holy Spirit poses a question, it is not because He does not know or have an answer. It is because He wants to open conversation, within my spirit, so He can reveal something new. His Spirit can actually come and mingle with mine, so we together, can commune as Father and Child. He is the perfect teacher...

This is the way God began to refine me in order to send me into a place called Africa. Then came the day I trusted enough to ask... Where in Africa? Mozambique, the poorest nation in the world. Holy Spirit grabbed my heart and led me into ... Step 1 of our new dance...

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