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Before WE can Dance

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In The Beginning

Hello, my name is Michelle. I have agreed with Christ to take a step forward, choose to

believe in Him and as He puts it, get my toes wet. As part of my personal life adventure with Him, He has begun the process in which I now find myself. As co-founder with Christ Jesus to form Family of God Ministries, I will openly admit the processes have not been at all easy! They have stretched me far beyond myself and my own capacities. As a direct result, this stretching is forming in me a dependence on Him. Perhaps, I would otherwise not have needed such a complete dependency, but as always, the choice is mine. He calls this Free Will...

This is part of my Journey

Learning to Stand

About five years ago, the Lord began by asking me one simply profound question. He inquired simply “Do you Trust Me?”

My initial response was, "of course I do Lord!" I quickly realized how naive and simple minded, I truly was. Then came the testing. Lord inquired further, asking one simple thing. "Will you go get your toes wet?" This was His way of opening my heart and mind to a whole new way of viewing our relationship.

Relationship is built on a foundation of trust. Trust takes an investment of time. In our busy world, how much time do we truly invest, or is it simply spent? (time is a subject to it's self.) Anyway, Christ and I have been building relationship through investing time for 20+ years now. But now however... Africa?

I can truly say this revelation was a new step, all on it's own.

I barely knew where Africa was. I knew was great big land mass, pure and simple,a really big continent, that was it. I was not one that had ever thought about or wanted to be quote, "a missionary." I had never given Africa a thought, let alone any space in my heart. Now Lord was asking me to trust Him enough to pack a bag and simply go to some place called Africa? Where, when, how, why??? All these things circled within me. It was as if He had, had a plan all along. I was now, 50 something years old. I was quickly realizing that when I promised to give Him my life, He had taken me seriously!

A few months later, September 2014 to be almost exact, I had a ticket and a destination in this place called Africa. Mozambique, Africa. I remember, I was scared and nervous, yes, but more than that, I was becoming excited too. Holy Spirit had been placing things within me, training me and I had never seen it. I had been volunteering for several years, working with homeless and poverty stricken. I had been leading a group at my Church, teaching and being used to help those around me experience the newness I had been finding within a personal and exciting relationship with My Jesus.

The best way to get through your own pain... Help someone else!

But, even with all the changes and growing nuances, everyone around me, was looking at me as if I was crazy. My children, my mother, even my pastor, were all telling me "You have lost your mind, you can't just go to Africa!" The more each one stood against it giving reasons and explanations why I couldn't, the more I knew there was something growing within telling me I had to. It was like I was being pulled from within myself. This rock or weight, simply kept growing until I felt deep my core, in my heart of hearts, that I had been designed for just this purpose. I didn't understand it, I still don't. I just somehow started to understand that I was designed, by the Will of God to be a trailblazer, a forerunner.

First Step - Finding Trust

I was finding out that I truly did Believe and Trust, in My Jesus! I found a missionary that had a base in Pemba, Mozambique. I had done their paperwork and had been approved to go.

The plane finally touched down in Johannesburg, S. Africa - September 1, 2014.

No team, no logic, no backup plan, just simple faith. I knew I had to


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