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Oct. 2017, Family of God Ministries, was amazed and elated to be purchasing land within the boarders of Mozambique.

But for God...

As human beings, mammals, we must have 3 things in order to survive; Air to breathe, Food to eat, and Water to drink. In the USA, we can not imagine carrying water. But, everywhere all across the world, "Water is Life!" No matter how you get it, each person must have water to survive!

2018, began with the search for food and for water. Daily treks were long and hot, excruciating, even for the young and strong.

“If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses? If you stumble and fall on open ground, what will you do in the thickets near the Jordan? Jer 12:5

Each morning "Team Water" would make the 7 km (4.34 miles) trek to "Rio Incomate - the river," labor to gather water, then carry the heavy 25 liter jugs, back the same 7 km. Pushing the metal cart they could take 20 containers. The cart was hard to push even empty. This was heavy and hard labor, taking from early morning until the sun was hot in the late afternoon.

The dangers, real. Snakes, scorpions, and at the waters edge, perhaps a crock. The water of "Rio Incomate" is dark, slow moving and deeply murky. It offers no possibility of analyzing what lies beneath. These hidden dangers have taken many lives along the way.

But for God...

Water is necessary for survival. Survival noun the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. The water is NOT fit for drinking, yet in order to survive, sometimes one must swallow hard and choke down the pride. Survive verb continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.

Family of God Ministries, had no way to separate the desperation of food and water. We had to attack each with the same tenacity; not allowing the enemy any room to bring in fear and defeat. Air to breathe, is a great gift from God. Now, we had the other most basic needs and they had to be met. There was not a way to choose water over food, nor food over water.

Simultaneously, "Farm Team" and "Well Team" worked day in and day out. "Well Team," in search for clean water, began by digging the well.

All the while "Water Team," was continuing to carry more and more water, as the needs continued to grow.

"Well Team" dug, utilizing shovels, ropes and buckets. It had been recommended that we forge large cement rings to lower into the ground to keep the walls stable as we dug deeper and deeper inside the earth. After we had dug deep enough to place 9 rings, the air, the 1st gift from God, was no longer breathable. Safety was now a real concern.

Now "Farm Team" had begun shaping 3m x 4m gardens in the sand. We began testing ways to farm in a place that has been under sever drought for more than 7 years. Farming the desert is not an easy process.

But for God...!

As 2018 progressed so did Family of God. "Well Team," could no longer dig by hand so we found and hired, a Well Master. He came with his equipment. We also purchased a generator and together with God's insights a precious, powerful event happened.

May 2018, fresh water began to flow! Family of God Ministries along side all those from the bush, continue today to sing Praises to God, for all the ways He reveals himself.

Every day brings a new challenge. Well drilled, now we had to gain access to the precious life giving water.

In June, 2019 we finished the construction of the actual water tower. The tower is designed to hold 2 15,000 liter tanks. We have need now for a 2nd and larger tank as the demands for "Aqua" continue to grow.

"Team Farm," continues their journey. The sand needs help to sustain life, fertilizer (manure) is added and slowly seeds are planted and life begins to take root. The farm has grown from experimentation to producing vegetables that help to feed, not only ourselves, but all those around us. There are now 30/thirty 3 m x 5 m (9.8 ft x 16.4 ft) dirt gardens. We are growing, cabbage, kale, carrots, onions and more.

However, we cannot simply sit back and think that we have completed our tasks. God is always leading us into the NEW!

Family of God Ministries, as part of His Master Design, is blazing a trail ahead, forging new ways. The fire Holy Spirit has placed within us burns, hot and bright. We are shinning God's light to those that have not been afforded the opportunity, to come to know our Christ.

As children of God, we are to care and be good stewards of everything God bestows upon us. The heart of this, is vital to stepping into much more than survival. The Father longs to give life, not just existence, but LIFE ABUNDANT! If the Water we drink is a great gift, just as Air we breathe, then stewardship had to grow profoundly as the 3rd great gif grows before our eyes.

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more. Luke 12:48b"

But for God...!

No electricity, means no pumps or running parts of any kind! Back to our knees we went.

The experiment - An old, 5 liter plastic oil container. Recycling the container was a great first step. Next, make liquid, home-made fertilizer - 2 parts manure, 1 part fish parts, add water, mix well, let rest overnight. Mix again, strain and remove debris.Third, add 2 - 3 tablespoons, fill with 4.5 liters water, place seedling. Last, bury container in the ground. The containers are clear. Burying is a quick, but labor intensive way to keep sunlight from growing algae.

Watch and see what happens!


Not only did we succeed in our experiments, but we hit a home-run!!

Our God is the Creator of ALL things.

Family of God, now has collected and recycled 290 old, empty 5 liter oil containers. Each has been planted, buried in the ground. Additionally, our hydroponic gardens mature much faster than traditional ways - from planting to harvest in 4 weeks.

Is our God good or what?!

Come join Family of God Ministries as we continue to step into the NEW!

Take a step, Donate Today

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