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Finding God's Promises - Update 2021 Part II

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Today is the day the Lord has made; We will Rejoice and Are Glad in Him!

November 2021 - Return to Mozambique!

I made my first return trip to Mozambique in 3 years!

So much has transpired in what has felt to be a lifetime, but it is only a blink of an eye.

Backing up: The Personal

January 1, 2019 - New Year 2019 exploded within my heart and family in ways that I cannot explain. My oldest adopted son was shot and killed. The spirit of death was once again trying to consume and destroy. The sudden and violent turbulence satan used would be conquered and overthrown. He who is within me absolutely is "Victorious in ALL Things!!!"


July, 2019 brought many unforeseen physical challenges. Spirit of death is once again making his feeble attempts. I had an emergency pacemaker implanted after being diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome.

Sick sinus syndrome: (SSS) is a disease in which the heart's natural pacemaker located in the upper right heart chamber (right atrium) becomes damaged and is no longer able to generate normal heartbeats at the normal rates or rhythms. The heart muscle overcharges with electric currents. These uncontrolled currents cause confusion within the signals being received. The result is to pause (no heart beats) as the cardiac muscle becomes overwhelmed by this chaos of electrical confusion.


October 2019 - Three months later: I underwent an additional procedure.

Ablation: Catheter Ablation is a procedure that uses energy to make small scars in the heart tissue to prevent abnormal electrical signals from moving through the heart muscle. A catheter is inserted up the left coronary artery. A surgical incision is made through the left chamber wall to obtain access to the right heart chamber (right atrium). Ablation uses high-energy, locally delivered RF (Radio frequency) signals to make the scars and divert then reroute and redirect the hearts electrical currents.


November 25, 2019 - Recovery underway. This is when Lord brought change once again. Lord brought a new patient into my spectrum of care. I received an emergency call and instantly life changed. My Maria was in need of meeting Jesus. You may not realize, but as a profession, I am a live-in hospice provider. I had been vertical a few weeks and now God was revealing a new part of His plan in my life.


January 2020 - Corona Virus/COVID-19 had arrived in Seattle. COVID brought into our world a new level of chaos and confusion; World Pandemic. I was instantly put on quarantine with Maria. Living in an assisted-living facility is complicated at the best of times, but now with COVID... wow

Holy Spirit, Maria and I were now bound together day and night. No outings, no grocery shopping, not even allowed to open the front door. Month after month, we not only endured, but together we grew and thrived. Maria had been raised within the Argentinian Orthodox Catholic Church. She was taught only the Priest was entitled to read or study the Bible of God. Now she was now hearing stories of her Savior and God for the very first time. During her "93" years of life she had never read the bible, she had not been told of God's amazing love, and she had never known the real sacrifices of Christ. Religion had left many scars and lies in its wake. Maria's time for Holy Spirit to reveal God's truths had finally come.

You need to understand that our Father in Heaven goes to ALL lengths for each one of us! If He did not spare Jesus from the agony of the cross, then what is He willing and able to do in each of our individual lives?! I call this real "AGAPE LOVE!!"

"And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:27-28


Backing Up: Family of God Ministries

October 2020 - Fraud and theft was found within a leader of Family of God Ministries. Spirit of death was now trying a new door, a new way to kill and destroy!

But God...

He is always Supreme. With God still in charge and throughout this painful time, Holy Spirit was birthing something wonderfully new. Isn't ironically funny how death will always fails?!!


*** To Read Finding God's Promises Part I ***

*** Please click the link above ***


For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory."

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”

1Cor. 15:53-55


Jesus was placing around us those that He had already been growing for this new adventure He is designing, orchestrating, building and birthing! God's time had arrived bringing change, structure and organization.

All this to say, God is so good...ALL the time!

January 2021 - After a time of investigation it was necessary to restructure some of those that had not been forth coming. Over the next few months each would make choices and finally a time to leave. Family of God Ministries does not believe in throwing anyone away! These were decisions each person made for their own life. In all, 6 young men and women are now re-embracing a failed way of life. To have known Christ and returned to an old way of, a life of sin, is as a dog returns to his own vomit.


It is us that turn from Him!

This is where Gods goodness comes flooding in;

Family of God Ministries is His Child.

He was well prepared with new structures, organization of leadership and even new rough riders. Lord has put in place accountability structures so no one man can find for himself a place of hiding without being found. Now, Family of God's new and improved rough riders were ready to travel back out to the bush. In the weeks and months that followed God accomplished the unimaginable. Life seeds were planted and now the fruit is being grown without limitation or hindrance.

Timeline of some of what has been grown within the year of 2021.


Team returns to Mitilani bush community bringing payments for debts, repentance and humility of heart and spirit. We were received well and forgiven.


Construction license restored by government. Work will be allowed. Title to new land received and working relationship is restored. Forgiveness by governments officials is now in process.


Construction of Gods Family Home begins. Praying for a spiritual leader as our Pastor Nico has gone to be with the Lord.


Farming is attempted, but lack of water is a daily attack. New generator purchased. The Family of God Project Well is able to produce, but carrying water to new house and land is a daily challenge. Community is beginning to return to services, but COVID halts the progress.


Brick making is in full swing. The house walls are being formed and pillars made for support. Outdoor toilet/shower are now complete. No more pooping in the bush. Yay Lord!!!


House roof is up over the living room. One small room is now able to be used for sleep. Cooking and food storage is still a daily challenge. Daily Scripture class begins. Community Services still suffer without a Spiritual Father.


Amazing Miracles - First ever, indoor electric wiring is being placed within walls. First ever indoor plumbing is being designed, preparations are being made for a new way of family life.


Wiring completed! Indoor plumbing established, toilets, sinks and showers are ready! Community has embraced the real Family of God Ministries and is excited to return to services. Bush residence are working side by side with our New Rough Riding Team! God is working miracles. Government officials are coming to talk and are expecting Great works of God!


Gardens are producing, but growth is slow. Farming must change. God's house is now 80% completed. He christens it with a Door He Himself has designed! Bars and screens are in windows, kitchen sink is prepared. Praying for water! Praying for New Spiritual Father! Embracing Holy Spirit as He reveals new plans!


New Well is being drilled. Tank is being raised to be filled! New larger generator is is purchased. Rejoicing as 40m well is complete! We have water!!! New Spiritual Father Meet "Papa ZETO" - He will humbly serve all bush area and Family of God Ministries. Praising Jesus!!


Return to Mozambique!!!

New Deep cell solar system is installed. Electricity in all of the house. New Farm Manager - Tia' Ofelia - Farm Schedule and crop rotation

New House Manager - Tia' Lurdis - Operate and manage daily schedules and routines. New Papa Zito - Prayer, worship and scripture daily 6am. Weekly Community Services, Thursdays at 6pm

New Master Craftsman - Father Zito! No longer will F of God be forced to hire outside help. Carrying the fathers heart is being poured over in each worker in Word, Action and Deed.


New Begins - The Birth of Jesus reveals the Love God has for all people. In Mozambique spiritus (Worship of the Dead) and witchcraft are all around us. Family of God Ministries and the bush community, as well as the surrounding village areas were all wrapped in swaddling clothes with Christ Jesus. This swaddling ties us together as family is wrapped around a new babies birth. Praying for Holy Spirit to reveal plans and goals for 2022 and beyond.

Life in God's Family Home Begins...
"We are EXCITED for JESUS to BRING NEW in 2022"

It is now January of 2022. I am persuaded to be at peace as Jesus sits with me unveiling some of His plans and designs for Family of God Ministries in 2022. He is requesting that I allow the vulnerability and transparency of His Heart for mankind to be revealed here today.

I am asking that you do not cower back, but allow Gods Spirit to embolden you and raise you up. I am asking you to give financially more than you thought possible. I ask that you pray more fervently and deeper, without ceasing than you have before. I ask that you stand with us and fight the good fight being bolder and stronger than ever before.

The Time of the Lord is at Hand and I believe He has brought you along side of

Family of God Ministries for

"Such a Time as This!!"
Come join us on a God Adventure of a Lifetime.

Stay Tuned as God Reveals His Plans for 2022

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Adam Comfort
Adam Comfort

It is beautiful to see how God is moving, even when it is not how we want or expect. Thank you for your continued commitment!

Family of God Ministries
Family of God Ministries

Adam: Thank you so much for you continued support! I love that you are walking out God's adventures with Family of God Ministries. Also, thank you again, for our fabulous LOGO!!! many blessings from F of God to you and your family.


God is God all the time. Thanks for sharing your adventure of walking hand in hand with Jesus. What an exciting adventure!

Family of God Ministries
Family of God Ministries

Thank you for walking beside Family of God Ministries. God truly is Good ALL the Time!!! What an Adventure!!!

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